Jewelry designer Karen Boateng creates gorgeous one of a kind pieces from 100% FAIR TRADE, ECO-FRIENDLY gemstones. They make fantastic gifts -- including gifts to yourself! So come over and do a little no-stress shopping. Karen is the last word in green glam. Support small business artists, demand eco-conscious luxuries, and knock out your gift list in high style.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jewelry You Can't Afford To Pass Up!

Hi Everyone!

Little Gems has been having a blast during the past few weeks designing some new jewels that won't break the bank. I have several new pieces available on lottery too; try your chance to win some bling for only a few bucks!

What do you do when your husband surprises you with a fun night out on the town? Dig through your wardrobe and try to piece together the perfect outfit... and hope you have a necklace to match.

These gorgeous necklaces are the perfect accessories to keep in your jewelry box: wear daily with your jeans, and dress up your gown when you go out on the town!

Finally, I'm hoping you can take a moment to vote for Little Gems in the Leading Moms in Business 2009 Competition!

Little Gems is also a featured Fashion Designer in Us Trendy! Go ahead and rate your favorite designs!

Thank you for supporting small sustainable businesses!




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