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Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Gems Celebrates World Breastfeeding Awareness Week with a 20% off sale!

In this day and age, most people know how important breastfeeding is for babies' growth and development. It is the perfect food, always available, at the right temperature, providing the optimum nutrition, antibodies, and even stem cells! What many people don't realize, especially those who haven't actually breastfed babies on demand, is how challenging it can be for Moms.
Especially if they work outside the home they'll need to pump and store the milk, and their bodies seem to become more utilitarian overnight.

It can be draining to always be giving, literally, of themselves, day and night. Let's face it, Moms often must put their own desires on the back burner in order to best take care of our families. So, every once in a while, it is nice to give something back. I designed all of the Little Gems Mothering Rocks Nursing Necklaces as a way for Moms to celebrate who they are, while still being able to provide the optimum quality care for their babies. So if you happen to find yourself up all night nursing your fussy teething baby who is pinching you, pulling your hair, and generally making you want to transform into someone else, then perhaps brighten your day with some Eco-Bling! Give your baby something else to pull, tug, and explore that is safe, and keep them focused on nursing.

Our Little Gems Mothering Rocks Nursing Necklaces are natural, non-dyed, and sustainably produced gemstone jewelry providing healing energy for mind, body, and soul. In honor of all Breastfeeding Moms around the world, we are giving 20% off all jewelry listed here: with the coupon code 'SAVE0809' during the week of August 1, 2009 through August 8, 2009.

Treat yourself or find the perfect Baby Shower Gift!

*Little Gems Jewelry has been lab tested and is CPSIA compliant: lead and phthalate free and strength tested. Read about our commitment to safety.


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