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Thursday, November 22, 2007

50% Off All Eco-Friendly Jewelry! Find Non-Toxic Gifts for the Whole Family

Little Gems is now stocking new and unique eco-friendly jewelry designs at up to 50% off!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We are celebrating here with an unheard of 2 Day Sale - All Jewelry is 50% off! Find the perfect gifts for yourself, and all of your friends and family at amazing prices.

With the huge number of toy recalls, parents are finding it harder to select gifts for their children. Our answer is to create a new line of eco-friendly and non-toxic dress-up jewelry for your little Princesses.

Little Gems is pleased to announce our new line of jewerly for Children, made from our unique, non-toxic, and eco-friendly gems. These hand-cut beads direct from India resonate with their crystalline vibrations, offering a unique experience for children to adorn themselves with real gemstones.

Magnetic clasps allow for ease of use, allowing children to dress up by themselves and combine into various lengths and combinations. Magnetic clasps also provide a safety feature by unclasping when tugged too hard. These necklaces and bracelets are for ages 3+.

Child Bracelet sizes: Small - 5.5”, Medium – 6”, Large – 6.5” Necklaces are 15”.

These adorable necklaces can be worn from preschool age through the teen years. Necklaces can also wrap around the wrist to become funky double wrap-around bracelets. And hey, maybe Mom can borrow it sometime too!

We are also introducing several new Mothering Rocks designs to our catalog, so please take a look around!

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