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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Gems' Diaper Drive - Help A Mother Out

Come on, won't you Help A Mother Out
Little Gems is collecting diapers (in opened and unopened packages) for Help A Mother Out in an effort to raise awareness and the necessary supplies to help out the many families in the Bay Area who are struggling to make ends meet.

Little Gems
is now offering a new Charity Fund-raising component to our Trunk Shows. Host a Jewelry Trunk Show, invite your friends, and everyone who brings donations will receive a Free Little Gems Gift! At each event, the jewelry will all be marked down for additional discounts, as a thank you for Helping A Mother Out!

As a special Thank You to the hostess of each Trunk Show, you will receive a credit of 30% of the show total to use towards your own jewelry choices.

Join us for our Kick-Off at the
Moraga Pear Festival, located at the Commons Park in Moraga, CA on September 26 from 10-4. The Pear Festival will have food, wine, activities for the kids, along with local Artisans selling their wares. Bring your donations to the Little Gems booth at the Pear Festival and receive a Free pair of earrings. Email for more details.

Some Background on why Diapers Drives are Needed:
In today's economic climate, there is a very thin line dividing those who are 'down and out' and those who are 'struggling to stay afloat'. I call it family. If you lose your job, and deplete your savings paying for your expenses while searching for work, what happens when your savings is gone? Who can you turn to? For many, we have extended family who will loan us money, house us, or do whatever is needed for as long as it takes to get back up on your feet.

But let's face it, millions of people are struggling right now, and many cannot afford to help their extended family or friends when emergencies hit. So they seek assistance from the public safety net. Unfortunately, the public programs have had their budgets slashed, causing drastic reductions in services offered. Read more about the demographics of homeless families.

So let's say, for example, that we're a family with babies in diapers... and we lost our jobs last year; and are receiving Food Stamps to buy food... did you know you can't buy diapers, toiletries, and other necessities with that? So, what do we do? We make everything last longer, of course, because we have to choose between paying for shelter, food, or the kind of necessities that many live without.

t's time for us to create the safety net for those with no one else to turn to. Be a part of the solution, and have fun while doing it!